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In 2020, TSWN established a helpline that serves as a point of contact for community members to direct their inquiries and requests for referrals regarding family violence and related concerns. TSWN counsellors provide tailored advice in native languages for community members who may hesitate to directly contact mainstream services due to language barriers and personal or cultural factors. The establishment of the helpline encourages victims of family violence to seek support rather than endure their situation on their own by building their confidence in navigating the system of services available to them. TWSN staff obtain and deliver information about family violence services available to community members depending on their circumstances. They facilitate access of community members experiencing family violence to pertinent services by referring them to the relevant organizations that can provide them support. 


Initially, the project was aimed to help members of the Filipino community experiencing family violence, however, in 2021, we have received calls from other CALD communities that prompted us to seek for volunteer counselors who can speak Hindi, Urdu and Malay. To date, the helpline has helped about 25 victims of domestic and family violence by referring them to mainstream service providers and received a total of 80 calls. These provide a safe space for the clients to be heard and understood and support their mental health and wellbeing.


Some victims of Family Violence who called our helpline have escaped the abusive home or relationship, and call to ask for help such as food, baby’s milk and nappies. Because our organization does not have funding to respond to emergency relief needs, we have to seek in-kind donations from family and friends to be able to help the victims with their food needs. Sometimes, we reach out to community members and community business owners to donate food for those victims who call our helpline. Our staff and volunteers also take the initiative to deliver the food to those who call the helpline. 


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